Miracles…….Still happen today “Make known His deeds among the people” 1Chronicles 16, Psalm 105

I thought I’d share some miracles in my life that give me hope and are constant reminders to me of God’s promises. As I recall each one, I suddenly remember another..and another and so on, I don’t know where to start……

As I was contemplating this early this morning, I remembered all the crazy things my brother has been through and miraculously survived. I thought, just for fun, I’d start with him.

About 16 years ago, my brother was in a drunk driving accident. His friend was driving drunk, ran into a tree at high-speed and everyone in the car was taken to the hospital. The police had to get the jaws of life to cut the car open to get my unconscious brother and his friends out. He wasn’t doing well, had crushed bones, something wrong with his neck, and punctured lungs. The doctors were about to begin tracheotomy surgery. I remember the family in the lobby praying as he went into surgery. About 5 minutes later, the surgeon came out and said- I don’t know what just happened, but he is completely healed. Every puncture wound was gone. It was a miracle.

He has also rolled off the back of a pickup truck while on the highway- and lived. He jumped off a three-story building – and lived (drunk, he thought it was funny), a car ran over him while riding his bike, it mangled the bike and he just limped home torn apart. He tried to surf during a hurricane,  got a concussion and doesn’t remember how he got to shore, he just thought he was dead. I’m sure there have been many other times…it’s difficult to keep up with him, in fact last week they almost had to amputate his leg because of an accident he had while he was fishing.

 Jesus is the greatest miracle! 

Miracles in my life: My daughter was born weighing only 2 pounds.  The doctor said all sorts of horrible things were going to happen- I don’t even want to remember them all, but she turned out perfectly normal.

When she turned 4, I noticed she didn’t talk to anyone outside the immediate family. No one had ever heard her speak. Some of the teachers laughed it off, some got annoyed, and others judged me as a parent. I didn’t know what to do? I received different advice from everyone. Some parents said I was too strict, others said I was too nice, others said it was nothing to worry about. Kindergarten began and I had to video record all her reading homework as well as first grade. I went to every counselor, seminar,  prayer group- you name it- I was there. I was seeking help. I found out it had a name “selective mutism” and other children have this also. Some have it into their teenage years and in an emergency, they cannot even call 911. Many therapists, doctors and counselors said the answer was medication. They wanted to put her on a lifetime sentence taking anxiety pills, but I refused to medicate my child. Then they tried to push ADD medication on her and I said –NOOOOO Way am I giving my child this brain altering drug- (plus I found that there is an interference with prayer when taking these drugs) I began to sense that this was a demonic stronghold on her?  She wanted to speak, but no words would come out. One day I had a group of women begin praying over her. The very next day we were out shopping and a little girl came up to my daughter and said hello. My daughter said hello back!  I was so happy! I saw prayer work. First grade was coming to an end and I decided to get serious in prayer and fasting. I fasted for three days and prayed earnestly. The day after my three days of prayer and fasting– we never had to deal with this again. The teacher called attendance and my daughter said “here” for the first time. I was called into the office with the counselors and doctors to see how we were going to handle 2nd grade. I said, with full assurance, we no longer have to worry about this, it is gone. They were silent..”are you sure?”, they asked. I answered. “ I am sure”. She was completely healed- after 4 years of  being completely mute, she was now speaking like any other child. Praise God.

Book Fair Miracle

I was at the school book fair volunteering for the day. The first group of children walked in and began selecting their books. I watched them as they surrounded books that filled with death, spells, promiscuity, witchcraft and demons. I watched as their fellow peers followed quickly behind to buy the “popular” books that the children surrounded. The books had vampires, spells, warlocks, murder, witches, graveyards…(click here for a sampling of what the kids practice).everything ungodly. I was very sad when I saw this. I didn’t know what to do—gripe? Say something? Tell the kids to find something else? I hung my head down and spoke to the Lord and suddenly the Holy Spirit reminded me to PRAY about it. So I prayed “Dear Lord, protect each child walking in and out of here from evil. Protect them from this evil and witchcraft. Send your angels here to keep them from going to this section, In Jesus Name, Amen” Not thinking much of it, the next class came in – same age- same grade (there were about 140 children per grade for K-8  that day) and you know what!!!!!! I was amazed! I watched that section stand empty! Not one child even walked over that way. It was as if that section wasn’t even there. I praised God for hearing me. I knew two angels were standing there protecting that area. For the rest of the day I watched the classes come in and out buying books and not one – not one person walked over to the “popular section” with the newest Potter and witchcraft books. God is good! Amen

 Fasting Miracle

I needed a confirmation on a Word I received from the Lord. I heard Him, but I asked Him for confirmation. I knew a prayer meeting was coming up that I was invited too. I fasted and prayed that the Lord would confirm His Word to me at this meeting. I fasted and prayed for a week. I went to the prayer meeting, still fasting, and a pastor came up to me. He spoke the confirming Words to me that I had prayed about. Amen again!

 Earnest Prayer Miracle

My first-born daughter born weighing 1.14 lbs had died in my arms. I was distraught and determined to find answers from the Lord. I prayed night and day 24-7 non stop for the Lord to show me where she was. I kept reminding Him of the persistant woman going to the judge in Luke 18. I knew finally the Lord would answer me, even if I had to wait a lifetime. I didn’t care. I didn’t stop. I needed an answer. On the 7th day, He answered my prayer. I have this miracle posted here…..Sarah – Lord, where did my baby go?

 My sister

My sisters and I  :)
My sisters and I 🙂

My sister was in a horrible accident on the expressway.  She was in the passenger side of a convertable sports car when it collided into the wall. Many saw my sister fly out of the car into the air. They stopped to see if she was okay, but they found her sitting in the car buckled without a scratch. The car was totaled and both were taken to the hospital. People were coming up to my sister saying “We just saw you fly over the overpass in the air” They thought she was dead. My sister didn’t remember anything, but was shortly released from hospital all in one piece, amen!

 My Niece

I was praying for my niece for years. She was learning many nonbiblical ideas in her “Christian” school from her teacher. She would argue with the family that the bible wasn’t real. The plagues of Egypt can all be explained in nature, not God.  She was taught and argued with the family on how the bible was worthless.  I began praying for her, that she would find the Lord. She ended up working in an occult shop after high school and I still continued to pray for her. She found the Lord a few years ago through a friend. She is strong in the Lord, and now she brings others to Church. She never stops talking about the Lord. She helps with the children at church, she is involved in video and is a great blessing to the Church today. I know God heard each prayer. She is now leading others to Christ. I believe she will do great things for the Lord’s kingdom.

Embarrassing:    But okay, one day I was driving quickly to work on a foggy morning. I made a quick turn and realized that there was a woman in the middle of the street and I ran right through her- or she through my car. I thought I was going to run her over, but suddenly she was on the other side of my car. Weird!

 Top of the Class

I began praying in the summer for the following school year for each child.  For my oldest, I prayed that she would be “top of the class”. I prayed this for a few months. The second month of school, my daughter comes home smiling ear to ear. She hands me a paper and the teacher had written on the very top of the paper …”top of the class”.

 My first memory of a miracle
This may not sound so great to some, but to me…it’s priceless. I always go back to it. I always remember it. I was in 2nd grade and selling Girl Scout cookies. Back then, you ordered and paid first then waited a few weeks for the cookies to come in.  I collected all my orders, soon the cookies came in and I delivered them all except for one. It was a box of thin mints. I kept knocking on the buyers door, but she was never home. I knocked for about 1 or 2 weeks. I starred at the box of thin mints day after day on my shelf. They were my favorite and my family had eaten every last box of cookies except for some reject box no one liked. That box sat downstairs untouched. I couldn’t take it anymore and I opened up the box of cookies my neighbor ordered. I ate one, then two, then three, and I thought- ugh, I can’t give her cookies opened – so I , a tiny 2nd grader, finished off half the box of thin mints. Gulp. Guilt set in. Now my parents really weren’t around so I tried to handle my own issues (dad in law school, mom at work full time and I took care of my brother and sister in day). A few days passed and I knew I had to fess up and knock on her door again. In my Girl Scout bag, I had her ½ box of thin mints, the reject cookie box my family didn’t like, and a full refund (in nickels and change, I had scrounged up) just in case.

I began my two block walk and I can still remember it well. I prayed to God with every step. O dear Jesus! I’m in trouble, O dear God, you need to help me! O God, please help me, O dear God, please don’t let her be mad at me, please don’t let her be mad at me.

Knock, knock, knock. I felt sick. She opens the door and without me even saying a word she says “ Oh, I’ve been waiting for you, listen I was out of town at a friends house and I tried another box of cookies that I really liked. Do you think I can exchange the thin mints I had ordered?” Yes, that was the reject box I had brought along. I honestly don’t think a word came out of my mouth. I reached in my Girl Scout bag and handed her the box of cookies she wanted. She was so happy and said “Can I give you extra money for this?” I shook my head no. “Are you sure this is okay, do I owe you anything?” I shook my head no. I couldn’t speak. She said thank you and told me how happy she was. I skipped home leaping and thanking the Lord.

Vision the Lord gave me of the heart and strongholds

I have soooo many more!  Some seem so small to share, but so precious to me. I remember all the times my little one would jump out of the crib and land on her head and it was as if an angel was there with a hand held under her head as she landed lightly. She would do flips off the couch in the air and I would see her come crashing down, but slowly, as if a hand were there protecting her. Once my sisters and I prayed that my dad would turn around from going to the casino and somehow, I blurted out in the prayer, “and have him bless us financially when he comes back.” We laughed and thought that was funny. However, within 10 minutes my dad returned, he had changed his mind. He got out his wallet and handed my sisters and I a $100 bill each. That right there is a miracle. He doesn’t do that. In fact, to explain how odd that is, he would never buy sodas because the price was “offensive” and if we wanted cheese on our burgers from McDonalds we had to bring it home and put it on our hamburger at home lol because the 10 extra cents was “offensive”. ohhh… one more. My daughter had a horrible growth on her legs and she needed surgery. It had multiplied and the children at school were making fun of her because of it. I tried all kinds of medicines and went to doctors, but now it was worse.  She needed surgery.  My mom and sister laid hands on her and prayed that the Lord would heal her. The next morning everything was gone. Every growth had fallen off her leg. It had covered her from the knee down to the feet. Not even a scar was left the next morning she woke up.

See! I keep remembering more. I need to stop more often and remember.  It is good to remember His great works and proclaim them to the assembly.

Psalms 105:1 :”O give thanks unto the Lord ; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people

1 Chronicles 16:8 Oh give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples.

Isaiah 12:4 In that day you will say: “Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted

God is good, Amen and amen. Make known His deeds today, tell others the good things the Lord does, proclaim His Holy name.

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