God’s Judgments Exodus 20-23 – God’s rules and laws for everyday life


The people of Israel were in the wilderness for 3 months and 3 days when God gave Moses the 10 commandments.  After the 10 commandments were given, God gave Moses judgments. These judgments were laws to help the people judge between right and wrong.  These judgments were given for us, for our justice. Some may think these rules were too much, but if you read through them, they were given for our own good and still very relevant today.

I’m only listing a few of  the 50 (plus or minus) , go to Exodus 20-23 for more information on each one

  1. Anyone who sacrifices to any god except the Lord, shall be destroyed
  2. Do not mistreat strangers (only judgment repeated 2x) in this section of scripture
  3. Do not let your enemies dwell in your land
  4. Do not make a covenant with your enemies or with their gods
  5. A sorceress must be put to death
  6. Do not afflict the widow and the fatherless- if you do, God will hear their cries and kill you
  7. Do not charge interest to the poor among you
  8. Do not curse the ruler of your people
  9. Do not circulate a lie
  10. Do not follow the crowd to do evil
  11. Do not delay in your offering, give the 1st to the Lord
  12. You must be holy unto God
  13. Do not distort justice for what or who you favor
  14. Keep yourself far away from false matters and evil
  15. Do not take a bribe, for it distorts justice
  16. Your land must rest every 7 years
  17. You must rest every 7 days
  18. Never mention the name of another god, do not let it be heard from your mouth
  19. Three times a year you shall keep a feast unto the Lord- Unleavened bread, Harvest, Ingathering
  20. Do not use unleavened bread with the blood of His Sacrifice
  21. Do not bow down or serve other gods
  22. Do not do according to the works of those who worship other gods
  23. Anyone who lies with animal must be put to death
  24. A kidnapper must be put to death
  25. Anyone who curses his parents must be put to death
  26. If men fight, and hurt a woman with child and she gives birth prematurely, yet no harm follows, he shall be punished as the woman’s husband imposes on him. But if harm follows, an eye for an eye, life for life…
  27. If an ox kills a person, it shall be stoned (if your animal kills a person..)
  28. If an ox kills a person and the owner knew it had a tendency to do such, the ox and the man shall be put to death (if you have a ferocious dog…… you are responsible)
  29. If a man opens a pit and doesn’t cover it and keep it safe, and someone falls in it, the owner shall make good and repay
  30. If a thief is struck while breaking in and dies, there is no guilt for his blood
  31. If a fire breaks out and catches fire to grain and a field, whoever started the fire must pay for damages
  32. If you watch another man’s goods while he is away and the goods are stolen and the thief is found, the thief must pay double. if the thief is not found, the matter is to be taken to the judges
  33. If you borrow from your neighbor and it is no longer with you, you must pay it back in full
  34. A man who hits and kills another man shall be put to death depending on premeditated circumstances or an accident
  35. If a man entices and lies with a virgin and is not betrothed to marry her, he must pay the bride price whether the father allows him to marry her or not
  36. A Hebrew servant shall be set free after 6 years

If you obey the Lord and His instructions, then the Lord says

He will be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries. His Angel will go before you and fight for you. Serve the Lord and He will bless your bread and your water. He will take sickness away from you. He will protect you and go before you. 

After the commands and  judgments were given, the Lord called Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and 70 elders to go up and they saw God,  the Holy temple and they ate and drank with the Lord. They must have been in a heavenly realm – amazing to think about! God then called only Moses up  on the mountain to receive the written 10 commandments. Moses told the elders to stay where they were and took Joshua with him. This was about 7 days later that Moses went up and stayed there for 40 days and 40 nights..

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