49 🦎 iguanas

So I counted 49 iguanas on a 6 mile drive back to my house just now . I’m trying to distract myself from the monster storm the newscasters say is heading my way.

I thought – that iguana isnt worried about a thing and im sure they will all somehow survive whatever comes their way. Why am sensing anxiety knocking at my door ? It’s not welcome here.

Im running around trying to keep calm- you can sense the panic and frustration of others everywhere you go. Many havent had time to prepare yet. I’m trying not to watch another update about this storm or I will seriously vomit and eat it back up because just because

As we fight, work, wake up at 3am and stand in long hot lines in the sun for water – I thought about the parable of the 10 virgins. I compared it to my effort and hard work to have all my supplies then someone coming – a slacker or a sponger – who last minute wanted my suppliers I’d be like NO NO and go away lol —- of course there are some who don’t have anything who have tried and that we go out of out way for – or the elderly or those who need help -but others slack and laugh it off enjoying their days not in any way prepared or made an effort – hmmmmm just made me understand a little more about that parable.

Just like getting ready for this storm, preparing and being ready is the way we need to be always for the return of Jesus. Don’t slack , put Him first and seek Him in all you do.

Well, here in SoFlo, water is scarce and if you do find it you’re limited to 2-3 gallons or cases – whatever is left. Feels like 110° Degrees outside and that’s the weather we stand under in lines to get gas, propane and water.

I think I’m ready, I may have family and possibly coworkers stay  for the storm so I’m hoping I have enough. Thank God my vet gave us something for neurotic dogs – I’d like to take a dose myself.

This hurricane didn’t come at the best time – they have no respect. We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen, walls and floors so yeah- My kitchen is partially a concrete block and I’ve been mopping up dust from the ceiling to floors on top of hurricane prep.

Well, I just took a short  breather break  from mopping dust – another thankful moment here for the Cuban mop- where have you been all my life? Now off to fill up tubs of water, move furniture inside and try not to eat 20 bags of chips before the storm hits.

God is in control – if the animals don’t worry – why should I?   I trust in Him and Im praying for a miracle that it passes us. I told myself I’d never be here for anther hurricane, but here I am. Too much risk to leave with empty gas stations, crazy lunatic Floridians driving ,and no time left once we Board up all properties and business.

If you’re In the path- let God’s words comfort you – dont be shaken by words you hear. Be like the unshakable Tree in Jeremiah 17. Drought and great wind storms came against it ,but it stood unshakable . Read psalm 91 and 131 ” I have calmed and quieted myself “. I’m preaching to myself here.

And don’t be a lazy slacker sponger when it comes to staying close with the Lord.

Off to more work, God help us

He knows who are His

He saves the righteous

we are made right by faith in Christ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Theres a mosquito after me that I need to destroy. Pray for us

Behave people