An Average of 6-9 million people had the flu each month between October 2019 and March 2020- according to CDC

That’s right, according to the CDC, between October 2019 and March 14. 2020-  38,000,000 – 54,000,000  people got the flu in the United States, with 23,000 –  59,000 flu deaths and NO ONE HAD TO CLOSE ANY PUBLIC restaurants, businesses, schools or BOAT RAMPS . That’s 5.5 months of CDC Stats, so let’s do math: 6,909,090 -9,818,181 people each month got the flu between 2019-2020 in those 5.5 months.   10,000 DEATHS PER MONTH from the Flu! (And that’s with 50% -80% of the population receiving the flu shot- on cdc site as per 2018-2019 so probably higher numbers this year)

If we’re rounding, my title should read 7 million to 10 million people got the flu each month  in the last 5-6 months. 

As of today, USA has 55000 COVID 19 Cases- I’m assuming that’s for all of March? Maybe February too. And remember – There’s a recovery number we’re not seeing.

I’m not saying this isn’t important, and I’m not denying that people have it, but I want you to see it from a real prospective…. If you have more insight into this, please explain it in the comments.

And the CDC wouldn’t lie…. unless they were getting flu vax kickbacks, but that’s deep state talk, so most irrelevant (CDC is funded by congress)

Am i doing the math wrong? Is there something I’m not doing right? Please tell me bc my city is almost at a shut down – we can’t even put a boat on the water because .0081% of people in Florida have Covid19- and that number obviously includes people who have recovered, but for some reason, that’s not told to us. Yes, South Florida has about half of the cases in Florida – approx 350 in Miami and 312 in fort Lauderdale but again, that is .019% of the county  population. Isn’t that 2 people out of every 10K in Broward county

I know, I see the numbers for New York, but where are the recovery numbers? When this first came out I saw China continually posted their high recovery rate at 50% and growing – but not our numbers. New York was at an estimated 17K a month for flu stats according to their health department.

More people died from the flu in the last 5 months than have the corona19 virus (USA)

What’s really going on?

BTW, I’m not promoting the flu vax here with these stats. My neighbor got a flu shot and ended up in a coma for 2 months and died 6 months later. The guy had just retired , enjoying his 2nd year of retirement. My bro and family got the flu shots and they all ended up with the flu for Christmas so explain that to me. I’m not sold on it.

If this covid is really as dangerous as they say it is, then the cdc is lying to us about the flu stats. If the cdc is lying about the flu stats its because flu shots are a money maker for them.If cdc is lying, then covid19 stats could also be misleading. If you research cdc statistics, you’ll find a pediatrician wrote on the USdept of health accusing them of lying.

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