The Chosen, a fan fiction phenomenon – A christian review

Instructions on how to watch the series ( from the producer) “You don’t understand everything yet, you won’t know it’s in the bible, don’t say ” I don’t recognize this from the bible or ask where did they get that from? Just watch it like a normal show and pretend you don’t know much and enjoy it”

-That’s right clear your mind, especially from all the truth of the gospel- who needs that? Clear your mind of all you’ve been taught and let us show you the authentic Jesus with “true stories of the gospel of Christ”. Open your mind and don’t ask any questions. That’s what they said, not me. They said that’s the best way to watch this.

The Chosen is a multi-series based on the “authentic Jesus”  (they proclaim) and begins with this introduction: “The Chosen is based on the true stories of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

I just finished watching episodes 1 and 2. I haven’t seen any truth of the gospels within their money-making endeavor to bring all religions together. What they did do, is take characters from the Bible and made up stories about them aka “Fan Fiction”.  Nicodemus seems to be the main character throughout episode one with “Lillith” but scripturally, Nicodemus is only found 3 times in the book of John. He once questioned Jesus and later we find Nicodemus honoring Christ at his death- nothing more is said of his life so all 45 minutes of his story in The Chosen is fiction, it’s not a true story.

Lilly the she-demon enters the scene:  Mary or Lillieth -who they named her (lilly) while she was possessed, but the film doesn’t really go into her true story. They made up a possible rape and a made up name which you should know that is based on ancient rabbinical studies of a she-demon lilly – who some say was the she-demon who tempted Adam and was also his first wife- but why am I sharing this? Because this film was produced executively by an LDS /Mormon, with input from a Rabbi and the other 4 producers are evangelical (or so they proclaim) and catholic and some are unknown.  So there is a good chance, and so far I’ve already seen it- that there is quite a mix of beliefs mixed in here very subtly.  The lily fictional name obviously came from Rabbinical input, but to be fair, that belief isn’t held true by everyone in the Jewish faith and it isn’t in the scriptures.

There is some hinting at Peter possibly having affairs by his wife and then we see him and the wife kiss, and a possible rape of Mary (Lilly) by a Roman soldier. In the episode,  when Jesus comes to Mary, if one doesn’t know scripture, no one really knows what her problem is. If you know the scripture, we know she was delivered of 7 evil spirits, anything beyond that – in episode 1 and 2 is purely fictional – completely made up and not a true story of the gospel of Christ -as the producers fiercely and falsely proclaim, but you’re supposed to open your mind and get rid of any truth, so maybe it’s different if we play stupid.

Where are the watchmen? Where are the Bereans? Does anyone see the blasphemy here?

One of the producers, the Christian one, tells us and I quote; “ You don’t understand everything yet, you won’t know it’s in the Bible, don’t say ” I don’t recognize this from the bible or ask where did they get that from? Just watch it like a normal show and pretend you don’t know much and enjoy it.”

That just makes me fume, excusing himself from the lies, hypocrisy, heresy and abomination they are putting out there. He is so happy that all religions can come to one, all worshipping the same Jesus, under a big lie they created – this sounds like the “we all worship the same God” deal from years ago when the Muslims and Christian leaders signed a covenant saying they worship the same God – total lie – see my articles on the Quran to see how false this is. Rick Warren was the big signer on that. The God of Islam is the opposite of God of Christianity and the Jewish religion, who do you think that is? The executive producer, being LDS and the Christian producers are excited to share with the world that they worship the same Jesus, but this is not true.

Who are the producers?

  1. Darrel Eves : Executive producer and LDS leader
  2. Matthew Faraci – Christian, involved in the entertainment business
  3. Dallas Jenkins -son of the author of the Left behind series
  4. Ryan Swanson – producer of movie Mr and Mrs Smith
  5. Tyler Thompson
  6. consultant- Rabbi Jason Sobel

Goal: Chosen unites multiple religions and contributes to the growing brotherhood of LDS faith.

According to scripture, they have just cursed themselves.

Warning Scripture:

  1. You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commands of the Lord your God which I command you. Dt 4:2 
  2.  I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book.Revelation 22:18-19
  3. Do not add to His words Or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar.Proverbs 30:6
  4. But Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures nor the power of God.Matthew 22:29
  5. Anyone who walks away from this teaching has no relationship with God. But anyone who remains in the teaching of Christ has a relationship with both the Father and the Son 2 John 1:8
  6.  But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.Galatians 1:8-9
  7.  But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.2 Cor 11: 3-4

The Mormons argue that these scriptures only mean we can’t change anything in the book of revelation, but you see clearly, it is the entire bible that the scripture is talking about. They further argue that man cannot change the words but ” continuous revelation that guides prophets and the Church in any age” can change.  (this is from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints)

Are Latter-Day Saints Christian?
(2 Cor 11:14-15, 2 Jo 1:9-10, 2 Cir 6:14

  • they believe 14 year Joseph Smith in 1820/1830 brought a new gospel because Christianity and the bible was flawed, information was given to him by an angel – similar to Mohammed
  • they are iffy on hell, no one really goes there. The main goal is to get to the top of the 3 heavens by obedience to laws and church and here you can become your own god – just like our God and you’ll be given your own planet so reproduce and rule your own world , and your marriage is also eternal
  • God Almighty was once a man like us – flesh and bones- and attained greatness through obedience so he was given the planet we are on, and we can do the same. He has a wife and Jesus and Lucifer are brothers among many others.
  • They believe in the book of Mormon, Doctrine of Covenants (prophets of LDS) and Pearl of Great price (writings of John Smith)
  • The bible is not the final word of God
  • They have some offensive ideology on black people but I find it so offensive I will not write more on it
  • There are many gods p163 Mormon book
  • God lives near the star Kolob (in book of mormon and pearl book)
  • God is married to his goddess wife
  • There is no salvation without accepting Joseph Smith as a prophet of God(doctrins of salvation 188)
  • bible has errors but book or Mormon doesn’t
  • Joseph Smith was a master mason, freemason (notice inputs of mason in the movie)
  • They can baptize the dead
  • the work of the Mormon Jesus was not sufficient for our salvation, one has to believe in Joseph Smith
  • it is one the fasted growing religion in the US – Islam is the fasted growing in the World
  • It’s a mix of truth and untruth, much like Islam, you have to dive deep to see the heresy

Jenkins says this film is an “accurate portrayal of Jesus” This is so infuriating, this is purely fictional. They have taken real people out of the Holy Scriptures and made new stories. They respond – It’s bringing people to Christ – but this is purely evil. The bible clearly warns us – reread all the scripture I posted above.

  • Matthew eats Shabbot with a dog and didn’t have a relationship with his father – NOT TRUE
  •  They nickname John the Baptist ” Creepy John” NOT TRUE- disgusting, nothing funny about that .

IN the bible, we are told Jesus cast 7 demons out of Mary but in the movie, we see this strange woman crying, raped, doing drugs and Jesus comes up to her and says “You are mine” and she cries in his arms – that’s it – it’s a moving scene, but a lie. Then fake Nicodemus asks her who healed her and she responds she doesn’t know…really? and goes on to say it is not yet His time yet – that’s not true either- that was said at this first miracle at the wedding.

You should know the actor playing Jesus in the film is a Roman Catholic,  he is also an ordained Papal knight , he also, when accepted his award gave praise to God and Allah.

In the Chosen, (Fictional)  Nicodemus,when trying to save (fictional) Lilly, says “I adjure you by the holy angels, Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel and Razel”   Who in the bible has ever called upon the angels of God? And who are Rafael, Uriel and Razel? Where In the Bible are we told to “adjure” them? Rafael is the angel of restoration in LDS, no mention of that angel of the other 2 in the Holy Scripture. Some are found in the Tobbit which is accepted by Catholic Church, but in all my years growing up Catholic, I never once heard of that book.  The story is that God turned Tobbit into an Angel like Rafel. Fake Nicodemus goes on to “adjure the watchers and holy ones” and that just scares me. I can’t even go into it.

So apparently, as the movie continues,  they think some of the Jewish men are drunks, they get into fights, so far the movie is quite dark – literally and figuratively . I just don’t think they portrayed the Jewish people correctly. Those I’ve met from Israel talk about their country like they are all brothers, I don’t get that impression so far in this movie. They made them look like a bunch of babbling smelly drunks that live idle lives. However, to be fair, I’ve only watched 2 episodes, I don’t think I could stand to watch any more.  Mary and Peter are both told they smell in two different scenes, that is so weird –

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 john 4:1 

I normally would not have watched this, I’m so done with Christian movies and their blasphemy, but my small group decided to do a study on it. I honestly thought it was a story of Jesus but I was so confused when I watched episode one. Who was sitting on Peter’s lap? they kissed? Why is lilly at a bar? I didn’t know Nicodemus was married, who is lilly? I had to watch it twice and then I realized… Oh, I didn’t follow their directions! I didn’t know I was supposed to enter this drama with a moronic no knowing stupid mind, ugh, then It would have been so much better.

All that comes to mind now is an old song – everybody, everybody, let’s get stupid – This should be the Chosen theme song, this isn’t a Christian song and it’s not politically correct, but I sang “let’s get stupid in here” as I finished this post.

My disclaimer – seriously  I have to write this and highlight it because people read the title and 3 sentences and go off on a long-winded comment – which I love! Lol , I’m not calling anyone stupid! I’m saying the producers want you to watch it with a stupid mind so you don’t ask questions on its authenticity related to the Bible. I am also NOT judging anyone watching this! I am only frustrated that no one is warning others of the danger, leaders and hierarchy are bringing all kinds of ungodly things in the church.  There’s no doubt this is a well directed and drama-filled show that keeps our attention but it is not a true story of the gospel and doesn’t show the authenticity of Christ as it claims. It’s like I read in Jeremiah , God said to look around – look at the other nations – show me another religion /nation who has exchanged their god for another as we have.

fun facts:

according to cbn news and the Washington post, LDS , Mormonism, is the fastest growing faith group in America

Jenkins says he proclaims he is portraying the real Jesus, but he also said 95% the chosen is not scriptural (interview with Melissa Dougherty). It’s “plausible,”  Jenkins said to those who question the chosen: : ask yourself if you are correct, and to those who complain, ask yourself, could this be plausible? and think about your own biases, so before you get angry, check yourself to see if you are accurate and don’ speak before the facts”  so look at yourself, omg I can’t stand this guy.

Jenkins , in the same interview, said he studied the LDS faith in seminary but when questioned about their beliefs he said he didn’t know enough about them to say publicly, and in another interview he said he has learned so much more about the lds and their faith while filming. I quote ” I am going to defer that question and say I don’t know enough to answer” then later in the same interview he says ” I know enough, I know quite a bit, I’ve done some study of the last few years and talked to the highest-ranking lds members.” – and besides ” my understanding about their religion is not relevant to the show” – but  the main producer is lds, and they put Jenkins, the Christain on the front lines to defend it.

Jenkins said Christians and lds worship the same Jesus and we are brothers, but Amos 3:3 How can two walk together without agreeing and 2 Cor 6:14 Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers, what does a believer have in common with and unbeliever? Jenkins refuses to debate wether they love the same Jesus, he compared that to two people arguing over someone’s height.

It’s interesting he has to make all these interviews to defend himself. When I find myself constantly making excuses and defending myself, it means I am going against the Holy Spirit.

Jenkins ” My role is to accurately portray Jesus to the world, unified with lds because we both believe in the same Jesus” He says it’s not a minsty but he want a billion people to see Jesus in the Chosen.

Producers and watchers say -All new people are coming to Jesus now, they proclaim because they can relate to the characters, so now when they read the bible, it’s relatable. Isn’t that odd? It’s almost as if they think their series is more powerful than the Words of God. God’s Word draws people in, now a fictional mini series, now people are reading it with a wrong and perception of who these people are. Jenkins said ” people are more enriched when reading the bible because they can relate to Him because of the series”  The series of lies. They are reading it with the lie planted in their head about the character.

In the round table discussion with Jenkins and contributors- they say the scripture is flat and not relatable, it’s only black and white and we live in a 3 dimensional world. When we read the bible we can’t relate, just black and white on a page, so we need t see it in 3 dimensions like the Chosen. This series reignites our imagination and helps us relate and know, wow mary is a real person, and that’s relatable and draws people in” . So the creators find the bible boring and not relatable – and you still want to watch this thing? Ive never once thought the bible was not relatable or boring, unbelievable that the creators have this mindset.

More on the roundtable discussion: Jenkins spends some time going over the letter J used and really concerned about keeping it true to Jewish religion – He really wants to be accurate on the usage of the letter J! I can see his priorities are straight here. Letter usage is much more important than misusing God’s word. He is not concerned at all about the lies hes made up about this claiming it to be an accurate portrayal of the gospel and then saying it is 95% not biblical.

Jenkins claims God told him to make up the characters so people around the world will think of them when they think of my people” Because up to that point, the movie, the mini-series, is about, Jesus, you don’t have anything in your mind specifically about Simon Peter or Mary Magdalene. There’s no visual in your mind. And, I felt like God was saying well, this is going to be the definitive portrayal of my people, and this is what people are going to think of around the world when they think of my people. and I’m not going to let you screw it up” jenkins

it’s an accurate portrayal of Jesus but it’s not from the bible- someone explain this to me.

Roundtable discussion from series 1 episode one- the question came up about the verse in revelation about not changing scripture – but if you look above at the scripture I posted, it’ ‘s not only revelation that says that. we are not to add or take away from scripture.  In one lds interview, an LDS leader said it only pertains to book of revelation but that is untrue. In the round table discussion, they argue, “well you aren’t adding a new book to the bible  BUT PEOPLE WHO WANT TO ONLY READ THE BIBLE WON’T BE WATCHING THIS SO YOU DON’T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THOSE KINDS OF COMPLAINTS.” you’ll find that at minute 11:11 – please read that again so it sinks in.

Roundtable discussion from series 1 episode one more bashing on evangelicals- as their quote in last fun fact I find quite insulting. They discuss how evangelicals desire to honor the word of God and try to avoid errors but look at their doctrines that have been added to scripture, which distracts from scripture. Then they are almost worshipping the bible instead of the god who inspired the bible” So people who read the bible worship the book more than God. What a load of bs.

Third and final bash on evangelicals – imho-Evangelicals become afraid of imagination” So we have no imagination, we are bible readers and the most likely group to complain about the chosen and we worship the bible and not God.

Jenkins” My job is to remove the scaled from people’s eyes so they can see Jesus” I think he is putting the scales on , not taking them off.

Thank you, Jenkins , Father, Doug Hoffman, Rabbi Sobel for the roundtable discussion.

I call Jenkins and apostate and if you are not on his side and back him up,  he said you are a modern-day pharisee. I’ve been called worse.

Update, on 4-25-2022m Jenkins had an interview with Cooper on youtube:

Quotes to think about said by Jenkins and minutes specified:

80% of viewers were reluctant to watch it, i think what people are finding when they do watch it is okay yea most of this dialogue isnt actually from the gospels but it feels like it (start at 13:22) meaning this is clearly made by someone who loves scripture and someone who loves television and movies. (19:26)  for people uncomfortable to adding to scripture,  and that phrase adding to scripture is extremely important and before I answer your question which is we arent adding to scripture because we’re not scripture, your bible has not changed since the chosen came out and I think it’s very important and be very explicit, we say it before episode 1, we add some things, we changed a couple of locations, timelines but………. 20:14 I am not adding to scripture, the show has things in it that aren’t from scripture, that’s true but it’s very important to know that this show isn’t scripture, I’m not God… and the show is not the bible.


However 1st disclaimer as season 1 begins 1st sentence ” The chosen is based on the true stories of the gospel of Jesus Christ.