Dear Mommy – a message from the unborn


please, please mommy don’t let me go

don’t let that doctor fool you

they don’t want you to know

i’m more than a glob,

or lifeless form as they say

oh please mommy don’t get rid of me today

i have fingers and beautiful eyes,

why did all this form if i am supposed to die?

oh mommy, can’t you see

in my first weeks for forming, God wove life into me

don’t be fooled by what other people say

the devil works in conniving ways

making what’s wrong into what’s right

it’s his job to blind our good sight.

Don’t turn away!

LOOK! see my hands and fingers too!
I have eyes and with my ears I hear you

but mommy if you do let me go

i have to tell you so you’ll know……

i will still be alive in heaven, you see,

because my soul is God’s property

i wasn’t supposed to die like this

and your love and warmth i’ll miss

in Jesus’ arms is where i am now

i forgive you mom, and God has me now

to whom on judgement day you’ll face

to plead your plea of murder on this case

please, please mommy, don’t let me die

i love you so much, don’t make this goodbye

mom, i just wanted you to know

in case you wanted me to go……………………………

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