Using a bible verse? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Ok, this is not in line with my usual posts, but it’s Christmas time and I’m overtired, exhausted and a little annoyed with everybody. I’m not perfect and it’s quite healing for me to vent in my writing. Maybe Ill delete it? So enjoy while you got it.
             I may lose some followers, I hope not, I don’t mean disrespect, but I won’t be silent when my Savior and His word are disrespected. I am usually silent when it comes to politics…it’s a touchy subject and everyone thinks they are right. Sure, we all are…right? I listen, I read, I consider and I pray.

             I have some Obama fans around me, one in particular voted for him as a thank you because she said Obama paid for her and her son to have completely new remodeled Kitchens- free. Hmmm and on the other side were the Romney fans who basically, as I heard from many if not all, who voted for Romney to get rid of Obama. Is there really any winning to this anyway? Whoever is president- I believe it is the Lord’s doing. I can respect that….


             Last night I tossed and turned in turmoil as I recalled listening to my president say a bible verse in reference to the recent horrific acts. My mind said, that’s a good thing…. but my spirit was in turmoil over it! How dare he! I almost vomited when I heard it, I couldn’t bear to listen anymore. Why would someone use scripture from a book they don’t believe in???????

        My president used a scripture from the bible and my child is forbidden to say the Word GOD in her school! I am not allowed to share my faith in public and we are completely forbidden to celebrate Christmas or Easter in our schools. Saying Merry Christmas is “offensive”. Graduation seniors are sued, attacked and ridiculed for using scripture in their graduating classes or forbidden to pray, yet he can slide by with a scripture…and it’s okay. What is up!

How dare he use scripture and

1- announce to the world that we are no longer a nation of Christians
2-applaud and agree to the horrific act of abortion- I was in heaven and I saw those babies! They are not globs of flesh- in the first weeks of forming the Lord God puts their spirit with in them. This is the sin of the shedding of innocent blood upon our is an abomination and a curse.
3- poke fun and laugh at the Words of Jesus we know as the beatitudes :
4-continue to take my Jesus and my God out of my schools, my prayers, my country.
5-say Jesus is not the only way(Wow, that video is MIA- gone, but I remember it well)
6-go against every word of God in scripture and rejoice in homosexuality that is abominable it the Lords sight. He knows this will weaken our nation, he knows this will weaken our Christian stance in America.

He continues to belittle and disrespect my God and His Ways. How dare he reject that my Jesus is the Savior and the Only way and then come out and pretend to use God’s word as if…………

As if you care
As if you believe
You may have fooled this nation,
But you don’t fool the Lord God
You have risen yourself so high in your pride
Without a word, it is written on your face

               And then come out proclaiming a bible verse! Give me a break!
I felt like my pearls were just given to a ………. And I really don’t want to disrespect the president, but let’s tell it how it is. He is who this nation selected, He is who the Lord has put over us, but I’m calling it out as it is.  I want my God to be proclaimed upon the mountain tops- I’m sick and tired of this nation mocking Him and His word.

Do you know what his actions say?
Using scripture in his speeches shows that he KNOWS we are Christian Nation
He knows God’s word will appease us because
We are a Christian Nation

And how do you weaken and destroy a Nation under God?
It’s written in the book….
Wickedness, pride, indulgence, idolatry, shedding of innocent blood, laziness and homosexuality
Yep, that sounds like us
Surely, without a doubt, these sins will destroy a nation
They are a curse upon the very ground we stand.
Sigh……..are my words for nothing….
Is there any turning back?
brimstone? Fire? Wrath? I wonder which it shall be….

Wth? What is he? He says one thing, then another! Just be honest. I wish he would just tell the truth and quit trying to make everyone like him – giving everyone their handouts, telling everyone what they want to hear. I pray the Lord will bless our leader, but don’t mess with my Savior and my God – that is just wrong.

  Go ahead! Take the commandments down! “Thou shall not Kill”- yes, how offensive is that! Take it all down! but don’t think anyone can cover all this sin up with a few verses…as if!

May God Unite us all in Jesus
You are called to be a different creation, not of this world
Are you different?
Can you be spotted out among the world as one of His?
The world may hate my beliefs, but I am not of this world.

 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked Galations 6:7

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