Cern : The New Tower of Babel, what you need to know

 Why Tower of Babel?

In Genesis 11, the people spoke the same language and the Lord said, they are united and speak the same language, now nothing they set out to do will be impossible. Today, Cern created the world wide web ,uniting people under one language again. Cern created www as a way for scientists to communicate with each other. The people of Babel wanted  to reach into the sky with their tower- or reach into the heaven. Cern also is attempting to reach into the heavens, a new dimension, in their words they are trying to “pierce the veil”. I wonder and I’m starting to believe that the people at the Tower of Babel were doing more than just building a really tall building like I’ve been taught in Sunday school . I believe they may have been trying to enter the heavens or another dimension just like Cern is trying to do. According to what I’ve read about Cern, their discoveries can lead to a dangerous release of dark matter/antimatter which is dangerous and can create confusion and chaos if it is not controlled. At present, they cannot control or contain antimatter. Here we have our third similarity with Babel- the possibility of confusion and chaos released once this veil has been pierced – into the heavenlies just as there was confusion at the Tower of Babel. Also , the Tower of Babel was the tallest building made and now CERN has made the largest machine ever made.

4-11-15 update: History channel has a show called ancient aliens and one specific series called God particle goes into detail about cern and the science, philosophy and the religion behind this. It is interesting that this study of the finding this God particle or higgs boson dates back to 5000 years ago where ancient hindu writings describe the exact study they are doing now, this knowledge was from the hindu god who today stands outside of cern. I won’t say the name, starts with sh. and it’s got extra arms. So this may be extra proof that this is what they were doing at the tower of babel- if this study was going on 5000 years ago. Einstein and other great scientists also studied these ancient hindu texts…..I think this is a link to the show God particle Ancient Aliens on

. Read Genesis 11:1-9 Tower of Babel


I know some are already aware of Cern and have been watching what is going on, but for the rest of you (like me), I want tell you a little about Cern.  Before I do, I want you to know that I only found out about Cern by questioning 2 dreams I had;  2 dreams and 1 vision. Recently, out of curiosity, I looked to see if any of what I saw in my dream was true and I discovered 2 things I didn’t know existed: 1- Nowruz and 2- Cern Cern is new to me, I’ve spent hours researching and reading books but I’ve only scratched the surface.

  • Cern is credited as the creator/implementer of the World Wide Web, I read that it was created as way of helping scientists communicate with each other
  • Cern is located in Switzerland and France. I have heard that they live under their own rules and are neither governed by France or Switzerland.
  • Cern is basically a well funded physics lab, but some say that below the surface that we see, there is a cult or cultish religion behind it.
  • Cern is trying to find the “God Particle” or hmmm, how shall I define this? It’s the particle that existed before the big bang, black matter, void and formless darkness
  • Cern started in 1954
  • Cern hopes to find a parallel universe with the LHC (large Hadron Collider)
  • The LHC is capable of creating black holes or worm holes and can swallow the entire earth up – but no worries because they said the chance of that is small and they are hoping to create a small one
  • Cern wants to find the glue that holds the universe together and find it in its original state- God particle- antimatter, discovered back in 1955
  • Cern is funded and backed up by the United Nations and many other Nations. US donated $536Million to cern back in 1997
  • Cern has created the largest man made machine called the LHC- Large Hadron Collider (colliding protons) . It is located 300 feet underground ( some sites say up to 500ft underground) and it runs 17 miles in a circular built tube. There are 2 major machines and then tubing, all underground
  • In the LHC, they make protons travel at almost the speed of light in opposite directions so they crash into each other. They have found that when this occurs, the blast creates new particles undiscovered. They exist for such a short span of time, a fraction of a second, that they haven’t succeded fully in their quest.
  • There are a few nay sayers and say Cern is just taking money, that this, under laws of physics cannot possibly be credible. There are very few naysayers based on physics, either that or they are silenced.
  • Dark Matter is a big issue in the process of finding the God particle. According to what I’ve seen, read and heard, this dark matter can be very dangerous and some believe it can actually bring in demonic forces. Paul Begley did a show on Cern and dark matter that explains that more thoroughly.
  • Cern also knows the chance of creating a worm hole or new portal while in this process of trying to find this new particle.
  • Steven Hawkins (a great physicist)  is against this new search and believes it could destroy the universe in one day Hawkins higgs boson universe doomsday
  • They are trying to “pierce the veil” if they can pierce into this new particle, they believe they can not only find the God particle but possible enter a new dimension or bring another dimension here.
  • Matter v. antimatter- with matter, there is control but with antimatter, there is no control – this antimatter is what they are searching for. It is powerful, dangerous, hostile, dark matter and not visible to the eye, it has the power of 4 atomic bombs – or so I’ve heard according to interviewee Mike on Paul Begley
  • 1 gram of anti matter can destroy a continent and Cern has been trying to figure out how to control it
  • Some believe that demonic spirits live in this dark matter
  • I’ve heard and read that Steve Hawkins is absolutely against this and has told Cern to stop because he believes it can change the psyche of people
  • Cern is trying to enter another dimension of darkness in searching for the God particle
  • location location location – Cern is partially located on an ancient town named Saint Genus Poilly which is believed to be a Roman town that had a temple to Apollo- appolliacum and the people thought it was a portal to the underworld- sounds just like cern.( Read Revelation 9)
  • Scientists are looking for a doorway to  a new dimension. “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN


Image result for cern logoNotice the Cern logo shows 666. Some argue that this is not true, but rather a picture of tubing the protons that run thought in the LHC. This is only partly true because the protons go through small hoops, going in from one side and then out from the othter. If you notice in logo, the loop in the background has no tubing coming out the other side. If a proton ran through that loop, it would never make it out. The other loop partly looks like one of the loops but it has two tubes coming out of one area and that is not evident in the LHC. So it’s obviously 666 and not two loops in the LHC.

This is a picture of the Large Hadron Collider located 300 feet underground and the circle runs 17 miles.

Another pic of the LHC
Okay, there’s so much more but I’ll stop here on Cern facts because I can go on and on. When I first started reading about Cern , their theories, Higgs boson, accelerators, protons, light particles, dark matter, antimatter, forces, quarks, stranglets, worm holes, dimensions – it sounded so interesting – it’s like watching a sci-fi movie but I know there is a warning on whatever is going on there.

These are the 2 dreams and 1 vision, that upon researching, led me to discover Cern (and Nowruz). I know they all tie in together and there is much more to Cern than is being revealed.  First, the Cern dance in their video is the same dance I saw in my dream called the phoenix dance ( in my dream). Also in both dream there was some kind of terrifying control almost non human over all the land. In the first dream we had to (at work) dance a required phoenix dance and song and in my second dream of Nowruz, I found that the phoenix is the original symbol of the Zoroastrian religion , the origins of Nowruz new year. The Staircase I saw in dream 2 of Nowruz is the same staircase of nations from the Zoroastrian religion, it symbolizes a future time when all the leaders of all the nations come together as one bringing gifts to their One leader, who they call the king of kings In video, the dance the workers are doing is what I saw in my dream: Dance of Destuction: Interesting that is the name of the dance, it also defines the meaning of Phoenix, and also seems to be a dance to the goddess they planted outside Cern, Shiva, the goddess of destruction. Why would they perform a dance to the goddess of destruction? Spring Equinox: Nowruz begins at the Spring Equinox and this day is an important day at Cern – the day of the Cern start up. In my first dream, all the workers had to do a dance/exercise throughout the day as we worked. They made us sing along and chant with the video and make certain moves with it. The song was called Phoenix dreams or broken dreams and we had to sing about how our dreams were broken, we are dark now from the ashes, and our dance looked as if we were dlying. We sang about the death of the past or old dreams but now we were flying.

  • I googled to search for dancing at work – and found CERN. The dance of Cern was almost the same exact dance that I remembered in my dream.

My Second dream in March of 2013 led me to discover Nowruz, an ancient Perisan, Zorastrian new year. The dream was terrifying and I saw a ritual staircase – which is part of the Nowruz tradition. It was a new year and the most powerful and elite group celebrated this as a holy, ritualistic day- their power seemed like it was not human and they performed many rituals and only the elite could participate. These people, in my dream, were called the Luciferians  and they struck terror in all people. At night the rulers stood on this great staircase for the new year ritual. Each leader stood on a different step from top to bottom.   The Phoenix is a  mythological creature that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor

  • When I searched for new year in March with a ritual staircase, I discovered Nowruz – origins of the Zoroastrian religion . The Obama’s have been celebrating this each since he’s been in office and it is recognized as a national holiday by the United Nations File:Persepolis gifts.jpg This is the staircase I saw in my dream and on each step was a powerful leader. When I looked it up, I found that it is called the staircase of nations and it’s part of their new year Nowruz history that began with an ancient Persian prophet Zoraster from 548- about the time of the captivity of Israel and Judah.  The staircase symbolizes a future time when all the leaders of all the nations come together as one bringing gifts to their One leader, who they call the king of kings. Even today, the celebration consists of gift giving in remembrance.  The Zoroastrian religion dates back to 548BC – their symbol is a Phoenix bird coming out of the fire- it is said the phoenix dies or kills itself and miraculously comes back to life from it’s own ashes. This is what we were singing about in my first dream. We had to chant that we were black from the ashes and something new was ahead and the old had been destroyed.

Thirdly, I had a vision earlier that year of the earth. As I watched, what looked to me like a giant weed or root began to cover the entire earth. I knew it came from the east and worked towards the west in growth. It had something to do with powers in the air/sky as if through internet or tv. It was wicked and grew at a rapid speed. saw something very similar to what I said, he saw it more as a web but I’m sure it was the same. GetAttachment (3) I tried to draw a picture of what I saw- the picture came out sideways…


 There are so many videos and websites on this, I don’t know what to recommend. Search for it if your interested and if not, keep a watchful eye and stay always in constant prayer, continually, in the Spirit at all times and remember that the Spirit within you is greater than he that is in the world.

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27 thoughts on “Cern : The New Tower of Babel, what you need to know

  1. The tower of babel is in essence a building of man’s rebellion against God. Babylon is called the land of merchants where human slaves are bought and sold like commodities. Sounds like church, doesn’t it?

    As for the Phoenix, this is more than just a mythological creature. This is a very powerful demon that I encountered in a deliverance session. It is my belief that the ancient “gods” of old are in actuality demons.

    I believe that the research you mention is demonic in nature and in actuality are demons looking for a way to enter through the human race.

    1. walkingalongancientpaths

      That is really interesting- about Babel and Babylon. Yikes about the Phoenix, it was very difficult to find information on that, I had no idea. I also think that the ancient
      gods were demons – or at least I wonder about it. I believe and many more believe that Cern is trying to bring demons here on earth. After my dream and discovering this, I was
      wondering if they would bring in demons to rule – as on the ritual staircase. It was interesting learning about what they are doing with science, but I
      do believe it is has demonic strategies and agendas, no doubt about that.

      1. What do most of the people who have been abducted by aliens, i.e. demons, claim happened to them while aboard the ship?

      2. walkingalongancientpaths

        that just scares, I have no idea. Not sure im mentally ready to hear what they do

      3. walkingalongancientpaths

        I don’t even know what to say
        I just don’t want alien nightmares or to
        be worried a spaceship is in my backyard tonight
        happy thoughts happy thoughts

  2. Hello in Christ!
    I just pop in on your site. Just wanted u to know that u should beware of Paul Beagley. He is not a true christian. He is one of them disguising to fool around one way or the other.. He is married to a catholic woman. He belongs right with Rome and the unfaithful. He is playing it hard to fool. Beware!!

    1. walkingalongancientpaths

      thank you for your concern, I hadn’t heard this about P. Beagley but I don’t trust anyone but Jesus – no matter what religion they are associated with. If we weigh the words with the Word, we will know – and even then, as life has shown me, it’s still not enough proof. As far as Catholic’s are concerned, there are many in the Church who really love the Lord and are seeking Him so let’s pray for the sheep. that they would find what they are looking for.

  3. I would also like to know, if u know anything about the last reformation going on by Don Blizzard among some others?? I should like to know if they are connected to the jesuits as many of the false prophets are also doing soul travelling, that is portal travel ect.

    1. Karen

      Hi, I just came here from a random search that turned up your question. I’ve been a christian now for 55 years or so and went to a Last Reformation Kickstart in Toronto, Canada last fall. I have been around the evangelical/charismatic scene for a loong time and can say that they are absolutely genuine. There was no hyping up the crowd with loud music that went on and on … or any of the other usual religious tactics. Just the plain, simple but complete gospel – repentance, confession of Jesus as Lord, water baptism and baptism in the Holy Spirit along with teaching about how to have victory and walk in holiness. Not an easy, bless me kind of Christianity but one the really works. To know what they teach look up the Pioneer School on The Last Reformation website. They are absolutely against anything new age like soul travel and also against the teachings of the Catholic church.

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  5. firefly

    It’s interesting that it came to me as a revelation too that CERN was being used to break into heaven from where Satan was banished. Satan is using man to try an usurp God. And while Christians are preoccupied by their own safety, there is much more at stake because if heaven is not safe, no where is.
    There is great deception in these last days but by visions, dreams and prayer, God will show us how to overcome for the kingdom of God.

  6. A Future Report. BREAKING NEWS FROM CNN. A Massive explosion just occurred near CERN and most of Europe has lost power. There are Riots and Chaos in the streets with reports of strange lights traveling through the sky like our Air Force Bombers reported seeing during WWII. President Carson along with some in Congress are now investigating CIA Operation PaperClip and wants to see Jack Parson’s Scientific Papers from Jet Propulsion Laboratory to see if anything can be done to reverse what may have happened. JPL claims they don’t have the Papers but have released whatever they had from Nazi Scientist Werhner Von Braun. JPL claims the Papers are with the Satanic OTO Order that Jack Parsons joined. Researcher Chuck Missler and Pastor Tom Horn have been immediately called to the White House. Rumors are everywhere. Some have reported that Chuck Missler is demanding a LifeTime Tax Exemption for his services after what happened to his friend Pastor Kent Hovind by the IRS. Pastor Tom Horn is demanding a Fire Department be built across the street from his new home. President Carson may be contacting the leaders of the Seventh Day Adventist Church to ask them to reevaluate their interpretation on Genesis 6:4 and if Hell actually exists. Steve Hawking’s has announced he’s given his life to Jesus Christ and President Carson has changed the name of Air Force One to Air Force 7 and sent it over to pick up Mr. Hawkins and his family. Internet downloads of Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, LA Marzulli and others have topped a 100 Million in just 24 hours. Their sites are all frozen like the Stock Market for 3 1/2 hours while Kent Hovind drove home. Anonymous is taking credit for everything again. The Mormon church is in a uproar. They all seem to be arguing over two verses now in the Bible. Genesis 6:4 and when 1 Timothy 4:1 actually occurred. The 700 club has just reported something very strange landing on their front lawn. Pat Robertson who claims Space Aliens Don’t Exist Because God Wouldn’t Allow it, is not available for comment. However, the Catholic Pope is. The Pope wants to Baptize whatever landed on the 700 clubs front lawn. A large group is gathering there now with signs stating 2 Thessalonians 2 and 2 Thessalonians 2:11. President Carson will be speaking very soon with a warning to the Catholics and the American People. Something about a Sunday Law……………………………………………………………………..Acts 2:17

  7. Thor Harter

    The CERN large hadron collider project was not intended to make dark matter, starting from the fact that we don’t know what the hell dark matter really even is (besides being defined as the particle that gives objects mass). How could you atemt to make something that you don’t know what it’s parts are? The CERN project is a colider, larger than any ever built, that can attain particle speeds that were previously not possible. It is, in almost its entire essence, a machine that bangs rocks together. That being said it’s a gross over simplification of what the machines implications are, but a lot of what science is, is fumbling in the dark to find paydirt. And as for the dimensions portion of it, they’re endeavoring to find the hidden dimensions within the atom. Now, I expect this to go over most people’s heads, but I’m going to attempt anyway. String theory is a series of thoughts and equations used in an attempt to form a unified theory of matter. The premise is that all particles (below the level of quark) are made out of vibrating string. The equations to support this theory work, in a world where there are 10 dimensions. These ten dimensions being 9 dimensional space, a one dimensional time. The world, as far as we can observe, consists of 3 dimensions of space( forward and back, left and right, up and down) or rather a xyz axis, and single dimension time (time only runs on one axis, forward and back). The idea is that on the sub atomic level, there are smaller dimensions that are left unseen. A lot like how when you look at a power line from a distance it seems to be almost 2 dimensional (retaining almost no width at that distance), but to an ant climbing on that power line, it can see the contours and dimensions of the wire, even the fact that it is not a single strand, but rather mutiple strands intertwined. This is what science hopes to incur. This isn’t some cockamamie search for other universes, or to “protect the veil”, this is to discover things about the universe we currently live in. The term “pierce the veil” if used by a scientist, more than likely is the veil of our scientific ignorance will be peirced and a new age of understanding to begin.

    1. Thomas

      All that your saying is the simplified understanding on the surface.

      But read CERN scientists own words!
      They want to find dimensions. It’s no secret what they are doing because they admit it.

      It’s funny people won’t believe the Bible and it’s supernatural implications, it’s understanding of other dimensions, but if science attempts to uncover exactly that it is lauded and obviously true.

      The same thing is occurring with materialism as we speak. Those who have long rejected the spiritual aspects of the bible are now falling into mysticism and the occult.

      “People will believe anything as long as it’s not in the Bible”

  8. Michael

    I’ve read that Stephen Hawking really did his math & research on this. He believes these operations at CERN have so much destructive force, that it has Hawking questioning his atheistic beliefs.

  9. Brenda Brown

    Hi ‘Ancient Paths’ – I’ve just come across your website in the last few weeks, and haven’t yet had time to read your article thoroughly – attention that it is due. I’m writing a book on the Tower of Babel, strictly from a spiritual viewpoint, but since I think many of the newly rediscovered ‘sciences’ have spiritual connections, I am very interested in some different ‘stuff’, and your blog is one of the best I’ve come across on the topic, so I would be interested in any new information along these lines, if you have found any. One of the main reasons I find this very intriguing is because when I was reinterpreting the scripture on Babel, I came to realize that there was something very different going on there than I had ever heard people talk about in Christian circles. I started out thinking what anyone I’ve ever heard talk about it, thinks, but ended up completely changing my mind on several points. These were not ignorant people in the least – they knew a great deal more about what they were doing than most do today, and in fact, I came to the conclusion that it was as if they had ‘evoked’ God’s coming down. I can’t go into the details, or say everything about it that I’ve found out, but you are saying what I have written – which is most intriguing, and you have the science angle that I don’t, but would like to know more about. I hope you read this and get back to me. Thanks.

    1. walkingalongancientpaths

      I think you may find more answers in researching the religion of India / Hinduism

      CERN, ; from what I’ve discovered is based on ancient writings of their religion- and it dates back to the time of the Tower of Babel which is most interesting.
      I’m convinced they were going into the heavenlies – not a physical height as we’ve all assumed but a crossover into the next realm
      And where is this information from- demonic entities, spirit rulers and wickedness in high places.
      The Bible says when one prays to an idol, they are actually praying to a demon – and this is the source of intelligence they received

      Try to find a video maybe on YouTube if the ancient aliens show , one on particular talks about cern.

      You may gather new insight from there

      But use discernment , sometimes not everyone they say is right

    2. Thomas

      I think it is hard for people to understand that our entire physical existence is upon the electro magnetic spectrum.

      Your sight is a frequency “slice” of that spectrum. Your hearing another.
      Electricity, gamma, microwaves, etc.
      It’s all slices of this spectrum, but what if our entire perception is just a small slice altogether?

      We are limited to 3 or 4 dimensions. But the angels and demons are not. What if they are tapped into 10 more dimensions than we?

      Much of what science, and particularity CERN is attempting, is accessing these. Under the guise of Satan or even well intended does not matter! The possibility is inherent, as when God destroyed the tower at Babel.

  10. Brenda Brown

    Hi again Ancient Paths. I have found as I walk with God, that He has specifically led me to find a lot of hidden truths in scripture – things that aren’t spelled out by the present interpretation, or that need to be revealed. God-given revelation is the key to understanding pretty much anything, since no one knows what’s really going on like God, so while I do look for info in various places, I make it a practice to seek His leadings on the issues first and foremost. I have heard about Zoroaster, but never felt led to look into his works much, and the same goes for the Hindu ‘gods’, but I do feel to look into what’s going on with Cern. I don’t know much about it, but I do know there’s a lot going on in the scientific/ufo community that isn’t being revealed. With regards to that ‘dance’ of Destruction, while their dance and video certainly do depict people becoming lost, demonically influenced and/or possessed, and ending in a state of spiritual death/Hell, I think the Phoenix represented resurrection – much like rising from the tomb. Also, your dream about the staircase reminds me of Jacob’s dream – the ‘ladder’ is a staircase in reality, and it represents that portal that some are looking for, much the same as Babel – though there was more to it than that. Thank you for the heads up on using discernment, believe me I do, especially in looking into some of these places of darkness. I’ll be looking up some of your links for sure.

  11. Thomas

    I believe your dreams.

    My personal belief is that Revelation 12:9, “war in heaven” where the devil and his angels are cast to earth has just happened or happening very soon. People can argue that, but not refute it.

    So what if this correlates to dark matter?
    Dark energy? Or your dream of that dark web covering the earth?

    The devil wants to break his buddies out of prison and/or open the gateway to this earth.
    What that means is the literal forces of darkness are ramping up. And I translate that in every facet conceivable, including temptations upon the Christian growing to the point that only those who walk with Christ in the light can overcome. Under the shadow of the Almighty.

    “I must work the work of Him that sent me, while it is day: the night comes when no man can work” John 9:4

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